We know with real estate and your investments you want to save time and money. You might think that you can do it alone without a realtor but we’re here to tell you why you actually need to hire a professional to handle your investment transactions.

  1. Save time

A professional like Alex Biliouris already knows zoning laws, which zone your business can operate in and can help you when working on the details of your purchase. Selling commercial realty? A professional will help manage your listings and aid in bringing in prospective clients to look at your properties.

  1. Save Money

While relators do charge a commission – just think of the time and energy they are saving you when navigating your lease or contract. A relator might know of deals happening in the neighborhood or might be able to negotiate your contract down from what the original asking price was. Having a relator means having someone who is willing to fight on your behalf for the best deal possible. They’re completely on your side.

  1. Listing Access

Did you know that some commercial property isn’t listed the same way that a residential property is? Sometimes there are properties that aren’t even listed. Your realtor will be able to help you in your neighborhood of choice and help you reach your goals when seeking a commercial property. They have the access that you need to make your dreams a reality.

Are you thinking of starting a business or looking to invest in commercial property? Alex Biliouris can help you and be the realtor to represent you on this journey. Call him today at 401-352-4607

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