Reasons You Should Buy Your Next Home in Providence County, Rhode Island

Are you looking for a new place to buy a home? If so, you should consider making a move to beautiful New England. Providence County, Rhode Island has so much to offer to please everyone in the family!

Providence County is one of the most popular and oldest places in Rhode Island. It was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams. He named the area in honor of “God’s merciful providence”, which he believed was responsible for revealing such a sacred, beautiful haven. When living in Providence County you will be graced with warm Summers and colder Winters. This allows you to really appreciate all four seasons.

The population is just over 628,000. It’s full of magnificent 19th-century mercantile buildings and Victorian architectural styles, as well as several post-modern and modernist buildings located throughout the area.

If you are moving with children you will adore the family-friendly environment. You will be pleased to hear that Providence County public schools were voted the top best schools in all of Rhode Island. These schools are known to be excellent, and a large percentage of the population in Providence County is highly educated.

The only trouble you may have when living in Providence County is choosing your favorite activates. You will be surrounded by history, museums, galleries, tours, shopping, excursions, outdoor adventures, nightlife, and more. You are also close to the hottest Rhode Island beaches and ski areas!

Now the real question is, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in viewing a property in Providence County, please contact Alex Biliouris at (401) 769-4333. Feel free to visit our website to discover the many ways we can serve you. We can satisfy all your real estate needs!

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